12 Tips To Make Your Product More Salable

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March 17, 2019

12 Tips To Make Your Product More Salable

In order for your business to prosper, there are some basic principles that you must keep in mind to be able to ensure that your products are able to catch the attention of your intended customers

    1. Be passionate about serving your customers by letting them know what they can expect from your product, and how it will serve their needs.
    2. Allow them to explore the capabilities of the product and be very honest about what the product can do or deliver.
    3. Make comparisons between your product and others to show your customers why your product is better.
    4. Present a complete and honest comparison picture with other existing products in the market. This way, customers will be able to make a baseline comparison between your product and existing products in the market and make the wiser choice.
    5. Promote your product and deliver it in accordance to your product claims in order to gain the trust of your customers.
    6. Build your customer base with product confidence. A good product usually speaks for itself, and quality has a price. Customers are willing to pay more for quality products rather than branded ones because it is the quality of the product that sells not the brand.
    7. Adjusting to meet customer expectations is a must, otherwise they will move on to other products that can deliver on what the customer wants.
    8. If you are confident in the quality of your product, give it some time to prove it’s worth. Your customers will eventually recognize the potential of your product, given enough time.
    9. Word of Mouth Advertising is a great way to spread word about your product. Customers tend to believe the reviews of their peers rather than advertisements from a company.
    10. Always welcome suggestions from customers, feedback is the foundation of a strong product after all.
    11. Offering money back guarantees show your level of confidence on the product’s quality. If you truly believe in the quality your product, you should not hesitate in offering a money back guarantee.
    12. Fill a need of a large segment of the market, offer quality product, and sell it at a reasonable price. That way you have a better chance of making your product saleable towards your targeted market!

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