SMS Marketing Solutions Malaysia | Lowest Price & Fast Delivery

SMS Marketing Solutions Malaysia |
Lowest Price & Fast Delivery

Reach Potential Clients Instantly & Conveniently

Send SMS in bulk and start interacting with your customers now with few simple steps. Reach your customers anytime and anywhere. Make your message stand-out from the spam clutter of the email realm.

Your business can quickly and easily engage with customers.

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Types of Applications

SMS are crucial tool used to verify user identity for internet transactions, such as Banks, Mobile Application, Web Application transactions.

Our enterprise grade REST SMS API implements with OAuth2 authorization framework. It has highest levels of security to protect your transactions.

WhatsApp Business Blast
BulkSMS Malaysia is the 1st and only 1 offer WhatsApp Blasting Service without any registration and setup fees in Malaysia. Your 1st WhatsApp Blasting Message is just few clicks away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What happens if I finish my credit within the same month?
You can always subscribe to a new package each time you finish your credits.
2Why do competitors offer much cheaper rates?
We provide you with the highest branded SMS service which is 6 series Short Code, this differs from other SMS services that are not branded and also are slower in performance.
3How much does it cost to send an SMS?
The cost per SMS depends on the SMS credit bundle you have purchased, but this applies for Malaysian company to Malaysian number only. Should you wish to send to outside Malaysia or choose a different route, please contact our support team to help you with that.
4Is there a daily or monthly minimum quota for sending SMS?
No, you can send as many, or as few, SMS messages as you like.
5Do BulkSMS credits expire?
Your bulkSMS credits do NOT expire. Your credits will be available in your account for as long as you need them.
6Can BulkSMS notify me when my SMS credits are low?
Yes, you will receive a notification to remind you of your credit balance based on your own settings.
7How long does it take for my SMS messages to be delivered?
SMS messages sent via our SMS gateway are typically delivered to a mobile phone number within 10 seconds. Sometimes due to the network routing of SMS messages, the number of SMS messages sent in a batch, or other factors, SMS delivery could take up to 3 minutes. For more information on delivery speed for large volumes, please email support team.
8Do you provide delivery reports?
Yes you can retrieve delivery reports anytime.
9Can customers reply to my SMS messages?
No they cannot reply. But we can configure it for you upon request but mind you that extra charges will be applied since you will be configuring from one way SMS to two-way SMS.
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