E Learning Website Malaysia | Learning Platform For Students


E Learning Website Malaysia | Learning Platform For Students

E Learning Website

With the changing trend and high demand for online convenience, Webist provides E-Learning Customized Development Services from simple idea to full scale implementation. It is designed for learning community particularly to create effective learning in work environments.

Who will use this platform?

Basically, all field of industries are encouraged to use it to replace the current training method. This is especially useful for teachers, course tutors and HR professionals for corporate company. Now HR professionals could provide company staffs with Web-Based Training as it is very challenging to conduct physical employee training where most of the times all staffs will not necessarily have the same free schedule to attend the training. Not only that, the pace of the training conducted need to be catered to individual employees. Conducting such training often creates a lot of problems like time wastage and mental distraction. To solve this problem, here you can consider engaging Web-based Employee training/ sharing E-learning platform provided by Webist - A Training Company which is committed to provide excellent service in ensuring your company effectiveness.

What is it use for?

Generally, E-learning is used to create online training session for new employees, encouraging skills improvement and enhance sales training. It ensures the effectiveness of your company and standardization of quality for all employees. Let’s talk more on how E-Learning helps in your business.

1. Provide comprehensive training on Product Knowledge. Improve internal employees’ knowledge. This is important as they directly contribute to your company sales revenue and spread brand awareness of company towards a larger pool of customers.

2. Online repository for Company Official Documents viewable by all employees, like policies and employee handbooks.

3. Tutorial Videos. Teachers across learning centres, colleges, schools and universities are able to provide additional notes or videos to enable students have a better understanding on the learning contents. It also allows teachers to have online interaction with students taking place inside or outside of classroom.

4. Create a positive and sharing culture, build communities within organization and educational institutions to maximize learning quality.

Why my company should use it?

Statistics show that in one year time, the number of companies using eLearning will be two times the current users. The main reason is because the current way of physical training ( Face to Face) is time-consuming and incurs higher cost. Therefore, most companies are looking for ways to solve this issue by cutting down expenses for course delivery, providing all time access to the learning materials through eLearning. The trend of eLearning is obviously here, it is up to you whether you want to embrace the new challenge and changes.

Promising the Future

Webist e-Learning implementations guarantee to fine-tune your lessons delivery and lead you a step ahead of the competition. If you want to embrace the change and increase your company effectiveness or increase your sales revenue by outreaching for more target students, you can request from us a quotation/ appointment with us, it’s absolutely FREE.

What would you needed to do?

1. Fill in your information and tell us your business nature and objective.
2. We will contact you and work on a plan based on strategically chosen methods.
3. We will work for you.
It’s very simple. Let’s work and grow together.

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