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Chris Teng - Director Of Technology

Who is Chris Teng?

Chris Teng has the vision to create positive influence to business and society through leading marketing and branding solutions. Back in 2011, he started his career in web development when he's a student in Inti International College Penang. During that period of time, he found out that most of the business owner who already had their websites did not have too much benefit from the rising of internet users around the world. He realized that visitor to the website is one of the important factors to make the website into a piece of virtual golden assets that can generate sales revenue for the business. In order to provide more values to the business owners, he ventured into the field of digital marketing to help the business owners to generate more sales revenue.

As an executive level digital marketing specialist, he had the opportunity to work with a variety of cutting-edge digital technology platforms to run integrated marketing campaigns for different companies. Back then, Chris was from Engineering Background, he was supposed to go back for his family business after his studies, however he decided to continue his career in the field of digital marketing due to his passion in the field.

Currently he serves as Director of Technology Webist Solutions where he is also a key member of the Digital Marketing Group which responsible for integrating paid media and digital marketing strategies. His key areas of focus include paid social, search marketing, copywriting, and influencer partnerships for clients.

When not working on creative online advertising strategy, he can usually be found in driving range or golf course. Do look for him if you're interested to brush up your skills in golf. He does believe a good health will lead to wealth.

What He Believe?

He and his teammates are on a mission to double the size of 1,000 businesses in the next 5 years. Why? They do it because they believe that small businesses—just like yours—can change the world. Chris do it because he think marketing is the most challenging, interesting, and rewarding field there is. And finally, THEY WANT TO DO IT FOR YOU. He always thinks that " In the end, it’s our customers who matter. We learn from you. We admire you. We’re thankful for you."

What he usually do

  • Developing the brand identity (value proposition, brand story, how the brand relates to the organizational structure)
  • Consulting on the different possibilities, which digital marketing offers
  • Analysis of all online media accounts, including the website (Google Analytics)
  • Creating content marketing plans
  • Facebook advertising

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