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Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a form of digital marketing strategy that places your website at the top of search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) on getting free and unlimited traffic.

So, why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important? By having more than 3.5 billions Google searches everyday, can you ensure you clients can find you when they are searching the product/services that you’re offering on Google? The truth in this technology era is, everyday your potential clients will be searching for your products/services online. Believe it or not, more than 98% of the users will be landed on search engine first before they enter any of the web address. You can target this group of potential clients who are searching for your products/services and convert them to your clients. The best part – you connect to them for free after your website has been optimized for search engine!

SEO brings customers to you instead of looking for customers with all the other marketing methods. The closing rate for the sales is very high as you’re able to link with the group of clients who are already searching for your products, hence they are ready to buy from you when the conversation is initiated. Apart from that, SEO allows you to target customers all around the world. Internet connection is what they need to be linked to your business if it is optimized for the search engine.

By having Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it allows you to place your website on top of all your competitors’ website. Hence, the better you optimize your website, the higher your website are able to rank in the search engine results page (SERP). In conclusion, your potential customers are able to see your website on the internet search listings before they get to your competitors out there.

Still thinking how you should start to make your Business connected with SEO?

Today, let me guide you step by step through the process for our SEO lead generation services at Webist Solutions. Once finish this post, believe that you can take one of two actions to improve your sales: Hire Us or Take Action Yourself.

Step 1: Set Your Target

Very often that most of our clients come to us and told us that they want to increase revenue for their business. Revenue is important for every business, yet for every single action, it needs to be defined. For example, in order to improve revenue, we will suggest for B2B companies, the metric to measure is Leads, whereas for B2C Companies, it would be Email addresses.

In this case study, Company A, Target revenue for the whole online campaign is RM250,000 or more for full 12 months.

Step 2: Breakdown of Target ( Simple Calculation)

We would like to know your previous number of leads received in the past 6 months.

For this case study, let’s assume
1 lead per week.
Close rate of Leads Received = 5%
Average revenue contribution from the closed deal = RM 10,000

Let’s do some simple math calculation, for this case, target for online campaign is RM250,000 in a year, we need to analyze on how many leads we need to get in monthly, weekly and daily basis. Based on the formula,

Number of Leads x Close Rate x Average Revenue = Target Revenue

With that formula, we can know the number of leads in a year is about 500. Break down this number further, you will get 42 leads per month, about 10 leads per week, and 1 -2 leads per day.

Step 3: Set Your Budget

In order to get 500 leads in a year, let see the current reality. Let’s assume your current website data as below:

Weekly visitors: 500%
New Visitors: 70%
New Visitors: 350
Current Number of Leads Per Week: 1

If you want to increase the number of leads per week from 1 to 10, we will propose two ways, see which method is your preference.

Method 1: Increase your conversion rate

Based on the previous figure, let’s assume current website conversion rate is about 0.1%, in order to make the number of leads per week from 1 to 10, the conversion rate need to increase by 10 fold, 1%.

Method 2: Drive more traffic

As if we maintain the conversion rate about 0.1%, while getting 1 leads per week from 350 new visitors. In order to get 10 leads per week. It is required to increase to about 3500 new visitors every weekly to achieve company target.

Step 4: List down your action plan

Once you work out for all the figure as stated in the previous step 3, now it is time for you to brainstorm. Would you prefer to increase your conversion rate? Or it would be better to multiply your weekly traffic? Same as in building a business, ask 5W, 1H, (What, Who, Where, When, Why and How).

  • What idea is the most effective way to increase both conversion rate and traffic?
  • Who is the targeted potential prospect?
  • Where or which platform shall I use to outreach for more people?
  • Why would prospects prefer to use the platform to do transaction? (Did I solve their problem?)
  • When are you going to execute these plan?
  • How can I utilize the same resources to outreach more people?

  • Step 5: Execute

    Once you go through the steps above, here is the toughest part: Execute. Schedule your time, do first things first, plan your daily monitoring system to ensure your SEO Lead Generation Strategy workable for you.

    Ready, Fire, Aim. Love this statement very much. Most of the people aim first, which minority successful people already fire and analyze their result (aim) then fire again in order to achieve their target. Of course, if you want us to generate leads for you, you can request quotation/ appointment from us, it’s FREE.
    You just need to:

    1. Fill your information and tell us your business nature and objective.
    2. We will contact you and work on a plan.
    3. We will work for you.

    It’s very simple. Let’s work and grow together.