Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services


Choosing Right Platform

The cryptocurrency exchange platform development that is chosen must have higher transactions per second and must be able to handle high volumes. The trading platform should be free from system crashes, server issues, and other irregular behaviors that could cause reputational issues.


Market & Liquidity

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and it is important to be kept up to date on the market news and hedges. The exchange must be able to weather unexpected contingencies in the crypto-market.


Incorporation & Regulation

The critical aspect of developing an exchange is to incorporate the company in crypto-friendly countries, with a focus on operating in a global market. Regulations, such as KYC, AML & GDPR, must be followed as per jurisdiction.



A secure banking facility is a highly critical component and the strategy must have an agreement with the bank as soon as possible. Depending on the location of the crypto-exchange, formal banking is not important.


Ready-to-Go Solution

We offer a launch-ready crypto exchange platform that can be put on the market within a month. All is left is branding and few integrations.


Connectivity & Integration Ease

The product is designed for a streamlined data feed connection and fast integration with any broker's ecosystem.


100% Regulations Compliant

The cryptocurrency exchange trading platform is compliant with regulatory requirements and conforms to the standards of major financial regions of the world.

responsive design

Responsive & Flexible Design

Every solution is delivered with a customizable layout and drag and drop interface adjustable to any screen size.


Modular Components

All of the Fintatech's solutions are modular and can be easily and time-efficiently plugged into existing infrastructure.


Customizations on Request

We custom development to implement unique widgets, order types, and features to deliver a tailored crypto exchange software to fit every client's needs.


Matching Engine

Fintatech builds solutions for crypto exchanges utilizing an advanced matching algorithm with minimal latency and can handle a throughput of up to 650,000 orders per second.


Fraud Detection

Every crypto exchange solution is delivered with a dedicated anti-fraud module responsible for monitoring transactions and detecting suspicious activity. The software is capable of handling nearly unlimited amounts of data from multiple sources and uses a sophisticated analytical approach for complex pattern recognition.


Risk Management

Risk management solutions include multiple analysis techniques, advanced pre-trade control, flexbile risk alerts, and portfolio modeling.


Market Data Delivery

We use a progressive technology solution that provides normalized real-time and delayed market data service, running on a proven and robust infrastructure that is backed by 24×7 support. Replay services perform historical insight and model backtesting.


HTML5 Charting

Fintatech’s HTML5 financial charting component can be embedded into your website or serve as an app UI providing customers with historical, delayed or live analytical information. It’s capable of displaying up to 2,000,000 bars of historical data or 5 years of market data.


Index Management

We offer an integrated platform that provides lifecycle management for indices. Our solution supports index design, backtesting, basket analysis, reweighting and rebalancing.

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